Advertising Fast Food on Social Media.

The great thing with using social media to market food is that these promotions usually make tempting and appetising pop up news in peoples timelines / feeds and if correctly timed, can lead to spontanious purchases such as before lunchtime at work or on the way home from work to home. People are always going to spend / steal a few moments a day to see what updates their social sites hold, usually before lunch, before leaving work and on their way back from work so these times are great for fast food outlets and restuarants to think about updating their social channels.

Some recent food related social media updates we have seen include:


“Do you need a rest after work? Get yourself an authentic #Indian #takeaway and save the cooking until tomorrow!”

“Fresh seafood, pulled from the pristine waters of Maine and Alaska. RT if we’ll be seeing you for dinner tonight.”

“What’s for dinner tonight? Pasta with Chicken, #Knorr Paprika & Cream! Recipe:”

“Try this Chicken Chow Mein recipe from Taste for your dinner tonight. View the full recipe:”


Studying the food industry on social media, there is still a very big gap to fill for localised companies to connect with local target audiences and tempting increased purchasing by capturing busy individuals on their mobile devices. This opportunity extends to the supermarkets, takeaway outlets and restuarants. Some top tips:


  • Know your target audience.
  • Study optimum times to update your social media platforms.
  • Use quality and detailed images and videos to tempt people to find out more / order.
  • Use hashtags and promotions.
  • If you are a restuarant / takeaway then form synergies with local businesses, ie takeaway should connect and engage with local bars / pubs.
  • Direct people to order pages / telephone numbers to make ordering food easy and fast to do.


These kind of food related updates on social media, usually accompanied by a tempting photograph, video or direct link to website / ordering page really work well in increasing sales from mobile devices. Recent surveys by Hospitality Technology showed that in the US, nearly nine out of ten restuarants used social media to reach new clientel this year (Facebook most popular with 94% usage followed by Twitter with 77%).

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