Best Xbox IP trackers similar to xResolver

Are you a regular player? Sometimes you may be tempted to know who your opponent is. Most of these Xbox IP grabbers capture IP address, geolocation, city, and Internet Service Provider information. This is essential to check if you are in the company of a hacker or not.

IP sniffers allow gamers, IT professionals, or other intruders to examine any packet regardless of destination. It captures all packets and writes them to a local hard drive.In the same way that your IP address is captured when you register with a website, your IP address is captured when players are connected to a server. The IP is exposed and you can intercept and extract the server IPs.

What is Xresolver?

xResolver is an online website designed to parse Microsoft Xbox and Sony PlayStation player codes and usernames into a readable IP format. In essence, it is a database service that can record the codes and IP addresses of Xbox, PSN, and computer game players.

This Xbox IP grabber uses its algorithm to grab the player’s IP address, username, geographic location, and Internet service provider information. The Xresolver is a database that contains an advanced algorithm to capture essential IP addresses. This Xresolver helps reduce instances where you find yourself in the company of a hacker.

However, it does offer a service where a player can pay a fee to have their IP address deregistered for a long time. However, it is not recommended.

Best IP Trackers for Xbox

1. XboxResolve

XBOXRESOLVER This is a web tool that can extract the IP address from the Xbox player’s game tag or code. As a player, you can capture the details of your opponent. It is ideal if you want to monitor personal networks and identify packets. You can retrieve information about your opponent’s IP address, username, location, and Internet Service Provider.

However, sometimes retrieving the details can take a while. If it takes too long, please refresh the page. Also, if you encounter any issues, you can join the Xbox resolver discussion group. This will help fix the problem.

2. Lance Remastered Pcps

Lanc Remastered PCPs is a network monitoring and packet analysis application that helps to extract and recover IP from Xbox Live and PS gaming sessions. It is one of the best IP grabbers for gamers. It has one of the best IP extraction tools and network optimization techniques.

Fortunately, it’s free and easy to use with a trusted community. It is compatible to work on a PC, Xbox and PlayStation. Ideally, the tool can be accessed online and offline, and you can collect the opponent’s information at any time.

3. Octosniff

This specific IP tracker requires you to pay to use it. However, it is relatively affordable. It is packed with some of the most powerful features. It is easy to install, has many tutorials, offers 24/7 support, friendly user interface, and is 100% malware free.

The Octosniff tool allows you to identify packages automatically. This allows you to identify those coming from Xbox chat and IPS game servers. Additionally, it offers a PS4 username AI feature to get which user owns which package and associate the specific IP with a username.

XBOX Filters allow you to create your own or use pre-made Xbox filters to retrieve specific game packs.

4. Xbox Booter

Xbox Booter is another ideal IP grabber like Xresolver. It is one of the best IP snatchers, IP grabbers and IP extractors for Xbox gamers. Fortunately, you can extract IP addresses both offline and online.

This software allows you to sniff out and extract an IP address from your Xbox console. You can obtain IP addresses through a registrar or a network monitoring application. It is an ideal tool for Xbox gamers and fans.

Provides quality content on IP extractors, IP grabbers, and how to use them to boot offline. Furthermore, it also gets sensitive information from the player such as IP address, location, city, and username.

5. Consolesniffer

Console Sniffer is a network monitoring and investigation tool for all consoles. If you are a gamer, you can use it to see the usernames and IP addresses of your opponents. This software captures opponents’ usernames and IP addresses. It is an excellent option, which is why we include it among the best IP trackers for Xbox.

No jailbreak is required and it works over Wi-Fi or a cellular network. It’s easy to set up, VPN compatible, and offers instant download after purchase.

It supports games like Grand Theft Auto 5, official party chat, Minecraft, Dying light, uncharted MP. Unfortunately, it is not compatible with any single player game.

The console crawler can extract IP addresses, usernames, geolocation and much more. This software can track the IP address and username of the person you are playing with. However, you have to pay for it.

6. Xbox replay

XboxReplay is another tool that we include within IP trackers for Xbox. It’s one of the fastest ways to find all your shared Xbox clips and screenshots. You can use it to view, share and download the best Game DVR content. The software is free open source with minimal ads. It makes sharing and growing your Game DVR quick and easy. Xboxreplay is designed, developed, and integrated from the ground up into future projects.

XboxReplay is an ideal tool if you want to meet your fellow gamers. Fortunately, it is compatible with common game consoles. Algorithms capture the player’s IP address, city, username and geolocation more easily. You can know who is playing with in real time to avoid being in the company of hackers.

7. Psychocoding

Like XRoluver, it is a VPN service provider that extracts relevant information from other players. Psychocoding features Xbox dynamic filters, packet filters, and

DDoS protection. You can get all the crucial information you want.

Displays opponent’s IP addresses, usernames, geolocation, and Internet Service Provider information. Also, the IP extractor is compatible with other game consoles besides Xbox.


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