Blog on what is #TeamFollowBack, #F4F, #AutoFollowBack, #Like4Like etc…

It is a craze on the likes of Twitter that you will undoubtly come past whilst browsing Tweets – The likes of #TeamFollowBack, #FollowForFollow and similar hash tags which are trending in order to acquire account holders more followers, likes, subscriptions, views etc.

Anyone using these hastags simply wants to be followed and in returns (on most occassions) they will oblige and follow back. The same for YouTube where a Tweet is asking for #Sub4Sub (Subscribe to my channel and I will subscribe to yours). This is a great way to initially build up the all important figures on social media platforms for private accounts holders, but for businesses using this kind of following it can be somewhat damaging or leastways, non productive.

The thing to remember in social media is that yes, it is important to get numbers, but it is target numbers you are after. There is no point in having 1 million purchased views on your YouTube video if those views are merely robotic, automated or simply ‘View4View’ orientated as no doubt the views you receive are those from people uninterested in your video message. You are far better getting 1,000 views from those interested in your video and highly likely to engage with your brand from viewing it.

Social Media = Engaging and Maintaining a Target Audience and driving them to your Capture Website to purchase.

If you are looking to engage and explore the ‘Follow for Follow’ world of Social Media then here are some of the most popular:

  • #InstantFollowBack
  • #F4F
  • #TeamFollowBack
  • #View4View
  • #Sub4Sub
  • #Like4Like
  • #AuotFollow
  • #Follow2Gain
  • #TFB
  • #Follow4Follow
  • #FollowBack



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