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We understand the importance for Estate Agents to be seen across the internet, as part of our multi award winning social media management, we gain agents across the UK extra exposure using the likes of Facebook and Twitter to build target audiences and drive traffic through to agency websites. Part of being seen on line is for estate and letting agents to be seen as professional and up to date information resources to the property industry and the living lifestyle around their local area them so we have launched our Estate and Letting Agency blog writing services.

If you are an estate or letting agency and you would like to have professional and creative in-house blog writing services for your website / blog then contact Marketme offices on 01206 700888. We are currently working with agencies across the UK writing blog content to improve SEO, Google ranking and success from social media on topics to include:

Local House Prices.

Interior Designing for Homes.

Best places to visit in your local community.

Which is the best schooling in the region for your children.

The history behind our estate / letting agency.

How we market your home across the national property portals and social media.

Blog writing is vital for SEO and your placement on Google and it gives great content that can be shared across social media channels. As an estate agency, you want to be seen as the guru for your industry locally, you want to improve your valuations and sales – Our on line digital marketing solutions for estate agents helps you to increase your ROI from marketing.

Professional blog writing services from Marketme start from just £200 PCM for a weekly blog. To find out more visit: Blogs for Estate and Letting Agents.

An example blog:

Example ‘Estate Agency Blog’:

Colchester- More than just a Roman town.
If you’re looking for a town steeped in history, you’d be hard pushed to find one with more than Colchester. Don’t be fooled though. Despite its distinguished past, this is a town that revels in the present. A cultural haven for all things creative, especially after the £28million investment into the First Site art gallery, it combines celebrated tourist attractions with comfortable, modern living. Colchester has created the perfect environment for first time buyers, professional couples and families alike to lay down their foundations and create a home. In recent times the town has become a developers dream as one the fastest growing boroughs in the country, up alongside the likes of Oxford and Cambridge in its popularity. As mentioned, Colchester has become home to First Site, the perfect stage for contemporary visual art and critically acclaimed across the UK. Museums and art galleries litter the town, creating a pleasant artistic undertone, with creative individuals from all walks of life given license to thrive as part of the town’s new found community. It would be remiss, though, not to discuss the illustrious past of this East Anglian town, on which its reputation was grown. Formally under the rule of Queen Boudica and known as Camulodunum in the early AD’s, it was founded as one of the first Roman towns and was the English capital of its day. When the Roman rule became too heavy handed for the natives it became the scene of a revolt, with Boudica and her Iceni tribesman destroying the town and slaughtering its Roman settlers. Although renowned as a strong leader, she was eventually defeated and a defensive wall was placed around Camulodunum, much of which can still be seen today. Since then Roman artefacts are regularly unearthed; treasures from Colchester’s bloody past, displayed within its historic castle. But it is Colchester’s present that makes it such an attractive prospect to new buyers and has seen its population grow at nearly twice the national average over the past decade. It is a vibrant and contemporary town, enticing more than 4.5million visitors each year. Perfectly situated on the Suffolk border you are minutes away from the scenic Dedham Vale, the village famed for being the muse of the romantic painter, John Constable. Head eastwards to the coast to take in sun, sand and seaside towns, with their picturesque beaches and piers. There is also Colchester zoo, who are currently celebrating 50 years as a top UK attraction and are well prepared for 50 more. Most revealing, though, is the buoyancy of the property market. With around 3000 homes shown to have been bought and sold in the last financial year and with investment now in its millions for new houses in the area, there hasn’t been a better time to come to Colchester. With its enviable history and its progressive future guaranteed, it may well be time for you too to join one of the countries most talked about towns.


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