Marketing for Start-Ups

25th May 2017

Four in 10 UK start-up businesses will fail in the first five years. Why is this? There are numerous reasons identified as the causes of why fledging businesses with so much promise, shrivel and wilt away before they had chance to grow and blossom. One reason is cash flow. A stuttering, intermittent flow of cash…

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Budgeting Advice: Overlooked Costs For Startup Engineering Firms

12th May 2017

Starting a new engineering firm is an excellent idea if you want to make a killing this year. People with the right backgrounds could earn a fortune if they get things right. However, it’s possible to make mistakes when it comes to planning your budget. With that in mind, we’ve included some often overlooked costs…

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Start Up Investment – Don’t Wing It

18th April 2017

Have you always wanted to invest in a business start up but don’t know where to start? Are you a future business angel just waiting to get their wings?  Start up business investment is smart forward thinking that helps to grow the economy as well as supports the next generation of business entrepreneurs. Start up…

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Three Ways To Protect Your Startup Business

6th April 2017

Everyone who has started their own business will know just how much energy and time go into running it. It can be completely exhausting at the time and yet when you start to experience the sweet taste of success, you know that it was all worth it. All of the gruelling years that you spent…

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Startup Expenses You Shouldn’t Avoid

3rd April 2017

As a startup, knowing where to spend your money is difficult. There are almost limitless opportunities, but very few of them will actually generate a return. According to Entrepreneur magazine, there are definitely some expenses you should avoid. These including buying expensive clothes just to massage your own ego, or buying a swanky downtown office,…

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Startups: Here’s How To Attract High Net Worth Clients

30th March 2017

When you set up a new business, you will doubtless want to make as much profit as possible from it. For some enterprises, that means securing lucrative contracts from a few key high net worth clients. As you might suspect, these are individuals that usually run a string of successful and profitable businesses. If ever…

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Why People Don’t Want To Work For You

24th March 2017

It’s a question you had better answer before the business is put at serious risk. If you’re having trouble keeping hold of employees, it’s more than an annoyance. The cost of undergoing the hiring process and training new recruits will build up to the point your business can’t sustain them. You need a serious look…

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System Error! IT Startup Mistakes

15th March 2017

When you open up a new IT business, you must avoid making some of the most common mistakes. If you make any blunders early on, you can almost guarantee that your business won’t survive the first year. Instead, it will be pushed out of the market by other IT companies who began their journey on…

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4 Things All Start-ups Can Learn from Big Companies

27th February 2017

You might think that you shouldn’t be going after the big guns in business just yet and you’re probably right, but that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t be learning from the things they’ve done in the past and the steps they’ve taken to success. Innovate and Imitate Amazon, ask most people what it’s the name…

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Does Being Tight With Your Money Pay Off When You’re Starting A New Business?

20th February 2017

It’s no big secret: everyone tells you to spend as little as possible when you start a new business. After all, you want to make sure that your new enterprise can grow and not get into any financial trouble! There are plenty of guides on the Internet that tell you how can you be savvier…

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