Chutney and Cheese

When you start cutting your premium cheeses, you’re going to want to enjoy them with something special, whether it be quality Crackers, freshly baked bread or the sweet taste of Chutney.

When it comes to the world of Chutney, you have a lot of choices, from different producers to different flavours.

This selection of Chutneys has been handcrafted by The Great British Pantry and includes Caramelised Onion Chutney, Classic Tomato Chutney and Bramley Apple Chutney. These can be enjoyed with all kinds of cheeses, whether you fancy dry, creamy or blue.

The Great British Pantry is owned by Cottage Delight which was founded in 1974 and sells a wide range of scrumptious treats, from Jam’s, Chutney’s, Curds, Marmalades, Pickles and Preserves. They offer a passion for British made products, using traditional flavours and methods to create a great sense of nostalgia.

They are very proactive in being sustainable, with all their jars and bottles being made from recycled glass and can then be recycled again.

If you’re looking for a new Chutney to try, then I would certainly recommend experimenting with a selection from The Great British Pantry.

Chutney can bring freshness, spice and sweetness in just one spoonful to many dishes. Not only does it go well with cheese, but it also pairs well served with pâtés or cold meats.

Oliver Walkey

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