Could Your Family Influence The Social Media Of Your Business?

Using social media to promote and market a business is essential in today’s market. If a business does not utilise social media as well as it should, then it is more likely to fail or to not attract as many customers as it could with the use of social media. Owning different social accounts allows a business to develop different voices through each different medium Рmeaning it will attract a wide range of different customers. For example, a business could use Twitter to post sharp, precise updates about things like special offers, promotions or photos of new products that are available. Facebook can allow a business to post more intricate, detailed updates with more of an explanation or brief on what it is the business offers, or could even share reviews from happy customers. Instagram allows a business to post relevant photographs of the business Рshowing customers what the office looks like could be a good idea Рand Instagram can be especially helpful for companies who specialise in food, graphics or physical products. However, social media is not just about posting updates. A business will need to garner followers and likes to allow it to develop its online presence to its full potential, so that sort of work should also be thought about when taking the use of social media into consideration.


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However, social media is very rarely a job which can be dedicated to one person – especially if the business is a corporate company or is a big company. It is important for a business owner not to completely take control of the social media and to ask for feedback, advice and guidance from people they trust – whether that be employees or family and friends. If a business owner uses all their time on social media, then there is a good chance that other aspects of the business will not be up to standard. Of course, a lot of businesses employ marketing professionals to assist with all aspects of social media – and that is always a good choice as the likelihood is that those professionals have a lot of experience, education and knowledge of particular social media aspects. However, employing those particular professionals does – of course – require money and a business owner will need to put some thought into whether or not they can afford to employ, and what calibre of professional they would like to employ. Or, alternatively, you could contact a business such as one who was the first SEO company to make inroads in the industry, and see if they could offer you some help or beneficial advice.


Asking family and friends about the social media use of your business can be a very beneficial aspect of allowing social media to develop, and flourish, well enough to attract a whole range of different people. Although, do not ask people who have no experience of social media as, of course, their ideas will not be that beneficial and could add nothing to the business. With people who know about social media, their input could be very useful and helpful as they can provide you with neutral ideas as they are not directly part of the business. They can offer insights and advice that they have seen, heard or read about that other business have utilised and benefitted from. You then will be able to listen to these ideas and input them into your business, but of course do not completely copy the ideas they tell you about. Friends and family can provide you with secondary opinions, which can be very beneficial to you as you may be sort of blinded by your own business ideas.


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You may not realize it – or may not have even put any thought into it at all – but young people in your families, especially children, can actually be a really great help when you ask them what their thoughts are on social media. This is because children have been brought up with the internet and they could possibly know more about social media than we ever will. You can obviously study for a degree or a similar achievement in social media, but in a few years or when our children grow up, they will all be social media experts. When young people or children have an in depth knowledge of social media, you may feel as if you can ask them questions which you may not have been able to ask social media experts about. You can ask them plain questions and they may be able to give you in depth answers, or you can ask them questions about simple aspects of social media which you have been too embarrassed or anxious about to ask professionals in the business. Children and young people do tend to spend a lot of their time nowadays using social media, and while a lot of people frown upon this, in the long run it could actually be really beneficial – especially to you. Young people and children know how to work social media, they know which platforms are best used for certain posts and they certainly will know to interact and engage with customers through different mediums.


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Using social media is a very beneficial aspect to add to any business. Without social media, a business owner runs the risk of allowing their business resources to deplete and diminish – and they will almost certainly not be able to attract as many customers as they would if they were to use social media regularly and effectively. Think of the businesses that you admire and respect – there is a good chance, actually a huge chance, that they manage to use social media to their benefit. If it is something which you think could influence your business, it may be worth spending some time on the social media of those businesses you admire, and educate yourself in how to utilise and promote your business properly. Just do not infringe on any copyright laws, and allow the voice of your business to develop effortlessly through good social media use.



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