Gambling Industry Develops Cities and Destroys Businesses

Two centuries ago, games of chance were allowed only in two US states and absolutely forbidden by the law in the rest 48. Nowadays, the situation has completely changed with 48 states offering all sorts of gambling games e.g. cards, bingo, lottery, slot machines, etc. And only 2 states are left without any gambling opportunities at all (Hawaii and Utah). Furthermore, online casinos offer not only a wide range of games but pieces of advice on how to increase the profit. So, if you are planning to gamble this year, then tips and tricks to win money 2017 are exactly what you need to check.

In some states, gambling business manages to “get passed a roadblock”. For instance, in such states as Illinois, Missouri, Louisiana and Iowa, the government forbids to gamble at the state land. As a solution to this problem, casino owners started using huge barges that are technically located on water instead of land. In this case, remember about mobile casino tips that are useful for those who can’t live without gambling, no matter where they are and what time it is.

What do Americans think about casinos?

8 out of 10 Americans consider that there is nothing bad about both online and traditional gambling industries. The only thing that should be done is the complete legitimacy. In accordance with the statistics, US citizens spend on bets about $50 billion more compared to purchases of music instruments, visiting cinemas, parks, stadiums and many other places.

How gambling industry develops cities

Gambling sphere brings more profit than movie-making, sports shows and sale of cruise trips altogether. Casino business makes about $90 billion annually compared to a sale of lottery tickets – $39 billion.  That’s the main idea how casinos develop the whole cities and bring profit to the government’s budget.

Gambling sphere turned Las Vegas into one of the fastest growing cities in the US. This particular industry also let develop hotel business. Nevertheless, New York is one of the world’s largest tourist centres though it has twice fewer hotels. According to the Travel Industry Association, 40% of Americans have at least once visited the Sin City, spending there minimum 4 days and investing around $600. As a result, Nevada is the 5th state among all US states, where tourists leave maximum sums of money. It should be also mentioned that Nevada almost doesn’t have any sights, luring tourists into the gambling paradise.

A fly in the ointment

Absolutely every sphere has its fly in the ointment and gambling one is not an exception. In those countries, where casinos are operating, the crime level is usually 8%-10% higher than in those, where it is forbidden. Generally, the crime level in the US is reducing with each year, whereas in the centres of gambling it is only increasing. Besides that, casinos have a bad influence on local businesses. There is a direct trend: if new gambling houses are opened then many small businesses will have to close down (cafes, restaurants, shops, real estate agencies, etc). The US has the highest population of gamblers worldwide but also the highest percentage of bankruptcy.



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