Refurbish, Repair and Refresh: How To Make Money On Your Property

When you purchased your first house you never imagined having the financial freedom to upgrade to a bigger and newer model. The time has now come for you to move out and make the advance into a bigger property. Whether you’re looking into luxury properties or an abode with more bedrooms, you want to make the most out of your current home. A lot of people who are looking to move don’t always see the point in overhauling their house right before they move out, because they won’t actually get to enjoy the renovations. The truth is that you could be adding thousands onto the value of your property by making a few small changes to the interior and exterior of your home. Get an evaluation from a professional surveyor and look into some thrifty and effective ways to enhance your home before you put it on the market.

Interior Overall
The first thing you should focus on is getting the inside of your home looking in tip top condition. Once you start conducting viewings you want every room to look perfectly preened for potential buyers. Have a look into upgrading the flooring in your kitchen, living areas and bedroom to give your overall home a new and fresh look. Check out the polished concrete floor cost online and assess the best deal for you; a small upgrade such as this can really add value to your home.

Another way to add a touch of sophistication to the inside of your home is giving your walls a lick of paint. Brighten up your interior and smarten up each room with a neutral and stylish color. Try to keep your personal items to a minimum and allow the potential buyers to envision themselves living there. By opting for a muted design you give the viewers a more open mind when looking around the property and a modern style will heighten its overall worth.

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Exterior Excellence

The outside of the house is the first things any potential evaluator or buyer will see, so make sure you give it some extra attention. There are a handful of obvious things you should consider doing before putting your house on the market. Make sure your garden and outdoor grassy areas are in a neat and tidy order. Mow your lawn and pick out your weeds to make sure your outdoor space looks clear and uncluttered. It is very inexpensive to add some bright potted plants to your backyard or front garden to liven up the exterior of your home. Mackers Total Recycling has helped many developments by providing their skip hire services throughout Essex.

The paint work on the outside of your house can crack and fade over time so it might be worth adding an extra coat to spruce it up. Be sure that your rubbish bins and recycling are tidy and you don’t have garbage strewn across your driveway. Consider adding some extra cosy touches such a homemade bird feeder to entice people into buying your property. The more welcoming the vibe is, the more attractive it will seem.


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The Devil Is In The Detail

Not all value is added from the visual touches you can make to your home. You need to make sure that the smaller details are tended to with extra care. You should get a specialist to come and check your walls for damp, mould and mildew. If your home is found to have any damp you are looking at a dramatic decrease in its worth as it can be quite costly to fix properly. It is highly recommended that you upkeep your home to prevent damp whenever you can. Dehumidifiers can be excellent tools to get rid of the unwanted moistness in the air. You might also want to look into making your home more eco-friendly as this will up its value massively. New buyers are always looking for greener ways to live, so if you can show that your home is friendly to the environment you have a better chance of selling it.

You initially bought your house for a reason; it provided with everything you needed and now you’re ready to pass it onto someone else. It is almost certain that somebody else will see your home as their new place to live and want to buy it from you. Before you jump into selling your property take these guidelines into consideration and make some extra money from it. With a lick of paint, some dazzling new flooring and a detailed evaluation you will have a property with more bang for its buck and you will be able to walk away with a perfect profit.



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