Do’s and Don’t’s of Social Media for Estate Agents.

Social Media is making a real impact in the Estate Agency industry and agencies are slowly realising the full power of platforms such as Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook and YouTube to both attract new audiences and engage for longer their current ones.

The beauty of the Social Media for Estate Agents is that an extra shop window has been opened to a live 24/7 audience who are hungry for relevant information and one to one interaction with the companies and brands they are purchasing from. Consumers are no longer only reading their local newspapers or taking a walk down the high street to see the latest in property listings, the internet has opened a whole new world of marketing opportunities and since Social Media came on to the scene, things have exploded. Nearly everyone has an internet accessing device on them from Smart Phones to iPads and tablets and these are all pre-installed with Social Media apps giving them direct access to what is happening in the world from latest on Pop and Sports stars, the latest fashion trends and even the best houses for sale!

How to attract your target audience:

When using Social Media it is all about the three E‘s – Engage, Entertain and Educate. If you use these three words as part of your Social Media posts you will see an increase in interaction with your potential customers and existing clients. Think beyond simple property updates and think more towards helping people to make the correct decisions when choosing mortgages, trends in colours of paints within homes, latest news from within your community and even touch on topics such as positive news on house prices, local building developments, charities and more.

A common mistake we see when taking over Social Media management for estate agents are as follows:

Mentioning in their description which football team they follow. Will an Arsenal supporter really embrace a Spurs supporting Estate Agency?

  • Too many property for sale posts.
  • No branding on Twitter and Facebook accounts.
  • Poor following – Work on building your target audiences.
  • Joining in on debates re football, religion and politics (This will always offend someone).
  • Too many members of staff using Estate Agency branding, especially on Facebook – Can lead to future issues if staff members leave.
  • Estate Agents having created accounts but never used them!
  • Spelling mistakes on updates / Tweets (We all are human, but do check over what you write before sharing them).

Social Media offers a fantastic opportunity to create extra brand awareness for your agency. Get involved now whilst things are just starting, build your target audience, do not get left behind! For more information about how Marketme can help with building you target audiences using Twitter and Facebook with our management packages starting from as little as £5 per day to include monthly reports and an initial 2 week free trial contact: 01206 700888



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