Entertaining New TV Ad Ticks All The Video Marketing Boxes

The Internet has the merit of being a reliable source of information, but also a seemingly endless supply of entertainment. People go online on a daily basis to learn more about what happens around them, but also to have fun in the most convenient way possible. Few are willing to go through a wall of text, but almost everybody has the time to check out a funny picture or amusing clip. Video production is so important that businesses small and large routinely make use of it to promote their products and services.

Social media acts as a catalyst and an amusing video has good chances to become viral in a matter of days. Investing in such video clips makes perfect sense under these circumstances, since it can be viewed by millions within hours. The rise of smartphones and tablets has further enhanced the effectiveness of video campaigns, as opposed to conservative advertisements. Producing video content can be more time-consuming and expensive but if done right, the return on investment is spectacular.

New PlayOJO advert a hit on Youtube & TV

PlayOJO the online casino went the whole nine yards by employing the outstanding services of British Hollywood celebrity Geoff Bell. After portraying tough guys for most of his career, he did it again in a brilliant and thoroughly hillarious manner. You can check out the funny ad here, as it is guaranteed to bring a smile on your face. Online casinos are routinely using amusing videos to raise awareness of their products and services, but this particular clip stands out from the crowd.

The power of TV advertisement in gambling is undeniable and the best clips are borderline artistic. If an image is worth 1000 words, then a 30 second video clip is far more valuable and effective. It has the uncanny ability of catching the eye of both prospective players and regular people seeking something funny online. It can be an excellent instrument to expand the customer base and an intelligent campaign that uses funny video clips also helps with client retention.

Leaving a quick impression on the audience

The best TV ads are those capable of transcending barriers and catching the eye of people who know nothing about the product. Fast-paced and amusing, they linger in the viewer’s memory and improve the odds of them remembering the brand at some point. The video has become a staple of modern living according to Impact’s infographic and video marketing has been wholeheartedly embraced. These studies highlight the fact that online videos are many times more effective as marketing tools than mail and print.

The vast majority of those who go online also access YouTube or other channels broadcasting popular and amusing videos. Even those who don’t subscribe to any particular channel enjoy the time spent there and return on an almost daily basis. This makes it a very attractive medium to reach a broad audience, promote products and pitch ideas. Hundreds of millions of people worldwide watch videos and many choose to enjoy them on their smartphones or tablets.


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