Explaining Facebook Groups and Pages, YouTube Subscriptions and Views etc.

Another one of the common questions we get asked is what is the difference between a Group and a Fan Page on Facebook or why should you concentrate on gaining Subscribers on YouTube or on Linkedin, why should I have a professional Group?

So Facebook and Groups / Fan Pages:

Facebook Group: Groups let you share things with the people who will care about them most. By creating a group for each of the important parts of your life—family, teammates, coworkers—you decide who sees what you share. Create a group, add friends and start sharing. Once you have your group, you can post updates, poll the group, chat with everyone at once and more.

Facebook Fan Page: Like a friend’s profile, Facebook Pages enable public figures, businesses, organizations and other entities to create an authentic and public presence on Facebook. Unlike your profile, Facebook Pages are visible to everyone on the internet by default. You, and every person on Facebook, can connect with these Pages by becoming a fan and then receive their updates in your News Feed and interact with them.

Authenticity is at the core of Facebook. Just as profiles should represent real people and real names, so too should Pages for entities. Only the official representatives of a public figure, business or organization should create a Facebook Fan Page.

Twitter Following and Lists:

Twitter Following:

Following someone on Twitter means:

  • You are subscribing to their Tweets as a follower.
  • Their updates will appear in your Home tab.
  • That person is able to send you direct messages.

Having a following on Twitter will mean that updates you make are being read and potential commented on, reTweeted or favourited.

Twitter Lists: A list is a curated group of Twitter users. You can create your own lists or subscribe to lists created by others. Viewing a list timeline will show you a stream of Tweets from only the users on that list. Lists are used for reading Tweets only. You cannot send or direct a Tweet to members of a list, for only those list members to see.

Linkedin Groups:

LinkedIn Groups: They provide a place for professionals in the same industry or with similar interests to share content, find answers, post and view jobs, make business contacts, and establish themselves as industry experts.

You can find groups to join in the Groups Directory or research Groups by keyword that you may wish to join. You can also create a Group focused on a particular topic or industry. Groups are ideal to build an active target audience on a particular theme or industry topic.

YouTube Views and Subscribers:

YouTube Views: Views of videos on YouTube are simply the way in which we are able to track the popularity of videos. Quite simply, if your video has been viewed 10 times, then it is the case that your video has been viewed by ten individuals or indeed was watched more than once by one or more other YouTubers. Most people using YouTube are after views and YouTube now provide detailed analytics to enable account holders to see in detail who, when and how people are watching their videos.

YouTube Subscribers: A Subscriber on YouTube is another official account holder that wishes to be updated with latest news and uploads of your account. You gain Subscribers by uploading quality video content that entertaining, engaging or educational to a target audience. Viral videos also build Subscribers where a video is released on YouTube and share virally with people subscribing in hope to see similar uploaded soon.



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