Facebook Ads, Competitions, Boosts and Promotions explained.

It is a selection of options from Facebook that does bring about many questions and confusion, so below is our easy to understand explanation how each of the options work:

Facebook Ads

These are adverts for fan pages that you usually see along the right side of your Facebook page layout or within your news feed. You can target these adverts to gender, age, location etc and set an amount you are willing to pay per day, ie £3 or £7 for a certain amount of approximate likes

Facebook Competitions

Thanks to very recent changes from Facebook, you can now ask for likes on your fan page as entries to a competition. These competitions can be run on your fan page as simple as like this  page / comment to entered in our competition.

Facebook Promotions

Promotions are paid for to show your posts or page on to time lines of other users which appear more frequently than they would normally. They are very effective and easy to set up, though compared to Ads on Facebook, you’ve less targeting options to choose from.

Facebook Boost

These boosts can be done on individual posts on fan pages and are easy to set up. They increase the visibility of posts in other people’s time lines and can be to those who’ve already liked you page and their networks or you can concentrate on a whole new audience where you can choose targeting of area, age, gender etc. Facebook let you know a reach for your boost and you can set an amount per day to spend.


At Marketme we manage many companies spends across Facebook as part of our monthly Social Media management packages. We generally find that spending money on Facebook is currently quite a productive action to take and can quickly boost your fan page’s membership and exposure to a relatively target audience. For more information about adverts on Facebook for your business simply call Marketme on 01206 700888.




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