Finding the balance ~ How to succeed with Estate Agency Social Media.

Outsourcing your social media to a specialist Estate Agency Social Media Company might be a growing trend as trying to do everything yourself is just not possible and as your following on the likes of  Twitter and Facebook increase, you need to keep theses audiences entertained on a daily basis. Estate Agency digital marketing is a specialism that requires both experienced industry knowledge and professionalism which isn’t an easy thing  to accommodate within the daily responsibilities of an estate agent. So, if outsourcing Social Media is a recommended route to take, can you still have some influential say on what content goes out?

It is important to know your target audience and what interests them locally – This is where most owners of Estate Agents can really enhance their agencies Social Media management trend. As a management agency ourselves, we deliver on a daily basis relevant industry and regional content to engage, entertain and educate the audiences that would be likely to use the services of a local estate agency – But digging deep in to what your potential clients and existing clients would ‘click with’ can at times be better coming from the ‘agent’ themselves, especially if you want to become the estate agency of choice within your local community.

  • Where will the best investment areas be compared to trends from past years?
  • Which restaurants and wine bars do you recommend, maybe you know the owner or top chef?
  • Embrace ‘Wish Lists’ from potential clients and provide a bespoke selection of property(s).
  • Participate in live conversations relating to local property, trying to avoid passionate debates.
  • Having visited your property listings personally, are they suitable for the young or the retired?
  • Which are the best catchment areas for schooling?
  • How local events, building plans may effect house prices / desirability of local regions.
  • Some information on the community, local celebrities, local charities and events?

We work with estate agencies where we completely manage their social media presence and a growing trend for us is to work collaboratively with agents where we jointly run campaigns to give audiences the best of both worlds – Constant stream of relevant local house buying / renting activity and a personal insight in to the local property marketing and community.

Another option for Estate Agents is to run two accounts on platforms such as Twitter, one for the estate agency and one also for the owner of the estate agency. This gives the client to follow both accounts and will feel even more closer to the brand and have the feeling that this is the right agency for them to deal with as they have made themselves highly approachable. Can you imagine that on the next occassion you buy a case of fine wine, not only can you communicate and ask questions on Twitter about the wine to the wine company themselves, but you can also ask directly the company owner or wine expert who can give you deeper details that only an expert could disclose / share?

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