Free Trial for those new to Social Media Marketing.

We understand that many companies and their owners are cautious when it comes to embracing Social Media marketing. At Marketme, we work with many of those that are new to the likes of Twitter and Facebook and we help them embrace at their own speed, all the benefits this new innovative marketing avenue holds for their business and web presence.

So, what are the normals questions that we get asked by those apprehensive about Social Media, here are the two most common ones:

What if someone says bad words about my business?

If anyone is going to say something bad or negative about your business, then they will do regardless if you are on Social Media or not. By being on Social Media you are then able to spot any negative comments and deal with them directly, rather than them going unoticed by yourself yet picked up by your rivals for their own benefits.

Surely it’s only youngsters on Social Media and all they talk about is where they went drinking last night?

That may have been the case when Social Media as we know it first launched. Things are very different these days and more and more businesses are embracing Social Media from micro sized companies to international corporations, it is safe to say that most of the household business names that you know will have a presence on Twitter and Facebook. Marketing budgets for Social Media is increasing year on year.

We are sure that most people would have heard about Facebook and Twitter when watching television or listening to the radio, reading the newspapers or browsing through their favourite glossy magazine. Major media corporations are using all the main platforms to engage with audiences as more and more people come on board; Your present and future clients are using Social Media.

To help those new to Social Media we now offer a Free two week trial on Twitter and Facebook to showcase how these platforms can help build your brand awareness online and build an active target audience. Simply contact us today and we will send you through a detailed questionaire to understand your business better and commence your campaign… You will have your own office based account manager from us and we will provide you with a free detailed report after two weeks to showcase the activity and progress we have made.

Marketme Social Media Management Free Two Week Trial: 01206 700888

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