Why Your Company Just Isn’t Selling

So many variables play into the success of any business, whether you’re starting out from scratch or you already have a reasonable client-base and some margin of profitability. The business world is ever-changing and a failure to recognise that can mean a failure to succeed in your company. Perhaps you’re currently experiencing a slight setback in your business, and you’re wondering what’s holding you back from making the sales you think you should be making. Perhaps you have the necessary online traffic, but those visitors don’t seem to be converting into real customers. If you’re struggling to really hook your target market, here are some reasons why your business just isn’t selling the way it should be at the moment.


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So many businesses over-complicate the buying process, but it’s not rocket science. If potential customers want a product, you need to make it as simple as possible for them to buy it so that they don’t choose a competitor over your business. Your marketing campaign should be clear, concise and to the point. Consumers don’t need to know every element of the backstory to your business; they just need to know whether you’re reliable, what products or services you offer and how they can buy the goods instantly. We live in an immediate online age, and people expect to be able to purchase things at the tap of a button.


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Your employees are the cogs of the organisation.

Your business, whether it’s big or small, is run by people. If you’re not selling, it might be a sign that something is lacking in the expertise of your employees. You might consider sales training for your staff if they’re just not meeting your expectations or making an impact. Equally, sometimes the prospect of promotions can kick people into action. It’s about inspiring your workers to sell, rather than telling them.


Essentially, if you give your employees a goal, they’ll work towards it. If they’re working constantly and continuously, day in and out, without any end in sight, people are bound to become distracted or simply bored by the mundanity and repetition of the workplace. If you want your workers to sell, they need an incentive to sell. Remember that they’re not robots, and that it’s your job as the employer to keep everybody pushing to better themselves, so that their enthusiasm rubs off on potential clients (no matter what kind of business you’re running).


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Online marketing.

The key to making sales is finding your target market, and you might not have fully honed in that potential audience yet. Using social media is the first step, as LinkedIn, Facebook and even Instagram can be brilliant tools if your business knows how to use them correctly. There are clients with whom you could be connecting, but it all depends on getting your content shared around the correct channels. For example, restaurants could share enticing photos of their meals on Instagram, and food-lovers could then share these pictures on their own pages. It’s a virtual version of the “word of mouth” concept at the heart of marketing.



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