Getting the most from your Social Media time and efforts 2013. Part 1: Twitter.

As a Social Media management company we frequently get asked as to how to gain success from efforts put towards running the likes of Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin. Well, there is no short cut remedy out there, what is required is the ability to donate enough time and content that your target audiences are likely to read your messages and that these messages are engaging, educational and entertaining. Refrain from continued spam or marketing of your products without thinking through exactly what’s in your offer for your audiences. If you are frustrated at the amount of views your videos get on YouTube, once again you need to think things through, research what is currently trending and apply them to your won videos, ‘unexpectedness’ is always a great way to gain views and for people to share your content.


This social media platform is excellent for keeping in constant contact with both potential and existing clients as well as those businesses you are competing against. Remember that on Twitter, people now do not appreciate following accounts that constantly spam or indeed have little to no activity!

Make sure you know your target audience when you are thinking about using a Twitter account to help promote your business as, like most social networking platforms, your account will get no exposure if you haven’t either an audience or you have an audience that isn’t interested in what you have to offer (that is why we do not promote or refer clients to purchase fake Twitter followers for their account).

  • Think about following people’s lists which relate to your business and services.

For example, ie you are selling home made chocolates, then think about following some of the well known chocolate makers such as Cadbury or Milka, look at who is following them and if they have lists. Search for other people around the country using Twitter that are in the same industry as you and research who they follow or who follows them as these audiences would most probably be also interested in what you offer as you offer similar.

These audiences will obviously need a reason to follow you so make sure you have a completed profile to include good standard back ground image, profile image and profile header. Your description should detail what you offer (your elevator pitch as such), clearly state your website and location. Some accounts like to include the actual name of the person Tweeting, sometimes this is a good thing for larger companies.

Make your Tweets interesting.

Think about what you want to tell the Twitter world about and make things interesting. Selling on Twitter doesn’t take place by simply marketing your products. Educate your followers about your products / services and why you should be seen as a trusted supplier and indeed a guru for what you provide. Provides links to news feeds, videos on YouTube, promotions you have on your website. Think about your favourite brand or company, that could be Apple / Sony / Gucci etc and what you would love to see them tweeting about and offering and push those kind of thoughts through to what you offer.

  • Tell your followers about offers and promotions or create one specifically for Twitter.
  • Use # (hash tag) to highlight keywords.
  • Enter the many awards on Twitter for Micro and SME businesses such as #SBS #WOW #SmartSocial #PurpleBiz etc
  • ReTweet comments from others if you think your followers would be interested too.
  • Share photos regulary and even better share videos.
  • Create lists of your followers so that you can research easier key words of varied sections of your business.
  • Think ‘viral’ and adopt ‘unexpectedness’ in to your Tweets and messages, something others will want to reTweet / Share.
  • Connect with celebrities within your business sector and key business decision makers.
  • Think ‘local’. Connect with other local businesses and adopt a support each other attitude to promote local business.




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