Going Viral: Getting Seen Online.

“The human mind craves the visual. Television, computers, games consoles and tablets; we desire information, yet long for entertainment. Facebook currently has 1.15 billion users. There are roughly 500 million on Twitter and 1 billion on YouTube. Each will watch around 2000 minutes of video footage a month and all to find the next big hit. They hunger after a video so popular it goes viral, across all social platforms. A video they can share with their friends, their friends’ friends and then the world. 55% of web traffic is currently video, highlighting its impressive web presence and explaining, in one simple stat, exactly why creating a viral video for your business can be so essential.
It also shows how crucial it is to create something extraordinary. A video that is quirky, or has stunning imagery, can hold considerable power over users of social media platforms across the web. Heather Taylor, the Vice President of the Ogilvy and Mather advertising agency, foresees that by 2016 we will have more than 16 million years of video to watch. The challenge is therefore to market your video appropriately and focus it towards a specific audience; one that will buy the product. If you create a video that doesn’t engage or entertain the watcher, or is marketed to an audience who has little interest in your product, you become little more than another statistic.
When creating a viral video there are several important aspects you must consider. Work closely on the script and the filming throughout the process with whoever is developing your video. There is little point in creating a fantastic spectacle if potential customers have no idea which company to attribute it to. Your values, ethos and company message are vital to the success of a viral video. Then, make sure it is marketed in the right areas. Assess its popularity; analyse and improve it. It is this that will lead it to reach its maximum on line impact.
You must create something special that emphasises your qualities and then, most importantly, get it seen! These are the simple rules to follow to give your company the best chance of becoming the next viral video sensation.” #Marketme


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