Growing Your Bands Exposure With Social Media

If you’re in the music industry, social media is a key way of distributing your work. In this article we’ll go through the key ways to leverage social media to benefit your music aspirations.

The first place to start is in building an audience on Facebook. Create a Facebook page as this gives the authenticity you need, and the business options that are available. Start by posting engaging content about your activities as a band, include new releases, shows, behind-the-scenes content from recording and practice sessions, and other fun content that people will want to see.

Try to be as visual as possible, using pictures that are shot as professionally as you have time for. Try to keep the text on your updates short and to the point, to ensure that your audience can see what you’re saying as quickly as possible.

Once you’re producing good content on your band Facebook page, it’s time to get the word out. Consider using Facebook advertising to grow your audience, but remember that this can get expensive and not always bring in the right people. A better approach may be to engage your current fans, and there’s a number of ways to do this.

  1. Send out an email campaign with links to your social media profiles and encourage them to like and follow the band
  2. Give out promotional USBs or other merchandise from the likes of CardUSB or Moo at gigs, preloaded with details of your social profiles
  3. Run a competition amongst your fan base to try to generate extra activity, and require them to like your page or follow you to enter

It’s crucial to build up your audience for a few reasons. Firstly, you need your content to get seen – otherwise it’s all a little pointless! Secondly though, you need to give off an air of authenticity and popularity to be successful, and social gives you a great place to do this.

Once you have an audience there’s a number of great ways to use them through your social content. From gauging reaction to new material, to running competitions, and selling tickets for your shows – being able to mobilise your fanbase through social media is key.

If you’re in a band or are an artist, it’s time to take social media seriously to start to really get ahead in the music scene and get your name out there.



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