How do I enter for the #SBS @TheoPaphitis Award on Twitter?

The #SBS award that is given out every Monday evening from Theo Paphitis has become something of a holy grail in the social networking community and it’s winners are in their own ways increasing their on line exposure thanks to it’s growing popularity.

How do you enter the #SBS award? Simply tweet your business message to @TheoPaphitis on Sunday evening between 5pm & 7:30pm and remember to include #SBS (Small Business Sunday) in your message.

Though thousands enter each week, if you have a great business message to share with Theo then you’ve a great chance to be one of the lucky six messages he reTweets thus awarding you an #SBS.

In 2012 Theo Paphitis along with sponsorship held an #SBS get together where winners were able to attend for free and listen to the great man himself as well as being given their certificates and their very own photo taken with him. Plans are already in place for another #SBS event for November 2013.

MarketmeTV won their #SBS in 2011 and it has tremendously helped with our on line PR as well as making us many great new friends on Twitter whom have also won the award.

No excuses – Tweet to Theo next Sunday evening and you could be the proud owner of an #SBS!


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