How do I know which social media site is best for my company?

I have seen articles and listened to webinars recently which suggest that business owners who are not sure which social media sites to use for their business should start with the sites that they are most familiar with and which they enjoy using.  Yes, this will make using the site for your business easier, but if it does not fit  with your company in the below ways highlighted, there is absolutely no point in spending your time there.

1. Ask your customers
If you have a good relationship with your customers and are able to ask them on which social media sites they spend their time, then by all means use this technique to research which would be best for you to have a page on.  Make sure to also ask them if they would use that site in a business sense – lots of people use Facebook, but would only use this personally, if they were looking for business, they might say that they prefer to use Twitter or LinkedIn.

2. Look at the demographics
See what types of people use each social media site most in order to make an informed decision about which platform would be most effective to use for your business.  Look at age, location, profession and anything else which is relevant to your audience.

3. Try different platforms
If you are really not sure which sites are best for you, or you think maybe a few might be relevant, have a go at them.  Set up your profile pages and see what sort of response you get and which ones prove most popular.  You can then dedicate your time to the pages which are giving you most return and delete the pages which are not.

The main thing to take away from this blog post is that when you are looking for a social media site for your business, you need to go where your customers are.  Whether your objectives are to promote your company, get more leads or generate more awareness of your product, there is no point talking to an audience that is not at all interested.


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