How Offline Marketing Can Get You in Front of Your Target Audience

Offline marketing is a powerful medium, more so when you target the right people with it. Colour Graphics examine how offline marketing places your brand where you want and need it to be – in front of your customer.

You have spent time and money on recognising your customer, who they are and where they are. But are you really using this information to put your brand right in front of them?

It is easy to be swayed by the viral campaigns of others or the trend of using a certain kind of marketing medium but the truth is, these are useless for your brand unless they are connecting with your customer.

Offline marketing can connect with your customer because when done correctly, they can answer six key questions.

#1 Offline marketing can solve your customer’s problem

The idea behind any marketing campaign is that your product or service is the answer that customers are seeking.

And it can do this in many ways. Not only can your leaflet or banner identify what the problem is, but it can also give more information on how to solve the issue, from buying your product to how to use it. It will also have a profound effect on your image. It’s important to understand and manage both your offline and online reputation, and software such as Qualtrics can help you with that.

#2 It speaks the right language

The thing about copywriting offline marketing material is that to get the right voice and tone, you need to know who your customer is so you can appeal to them.

Compelling copywriting can be personalised to your customer persona, making it an incredibly powerful medium.

A customer persona also gives you an idea of what else your customers do including what kind of hobbies they are likely to have, where they live, the kind of income they enjoy and more.

This information paints a rich picture of your customer and by understanding these finer points, you can create powerful offline marketing campaigns.

#3 You can emphasise the value of what you are offering

Customers look for many things when they make a purchase. From your brand reputation to reliability and trustworthiness, the purchasing decision is an emotional one.

And so it makes sense that your offline marketing campaign needs to hook into these emotions.

But customers also look for something else – value. Value for money changes depending on the purchase being made.

Sometimes, customers look for the best possible price. We tend to do this when there is a wide choice of products from several well-known brands and suppliers.

Value comes is measured in other ways too. For example, what level of customer service can they expect, what customer support is there, what is the quality of the product on offer?

Offline marketing can answer these questions as well as pinpoint and highlight the additional value you and your product give to the customer.

#4 Targeting niche markets

The world we inhabit is no longer what it used to be. A simple example is TV.

At one time, unless you watched your favourite soap at the time it was on, catch up was really possible until you spent your Sunday afternoon catching up with the omnibus edition.

Today, we can watch our favourite programmes on demand. And we don’t have to watch them on TV – we can watch them on our smartphone, our tablets and our PCs.

In other words, our niche world is more personalised and reactive, two reasons why some say offline marketing has had its day.

But offline marketing can target this world of niche in which we live. You can target geographical areas, certain customer demographics or tighten the focus of your market focus.

Offline marketing can be just as personalised and niche as online campaigns.

#5 It can highlight your expertise

Marketing is no longer just about selling. Customers want and expect more from a company and brand than just the ‘hard sell’.

Offline marketing gives you plenty of scope to provide extra information, from the best way of using your product to getting the most from it.

#6 It can place you in front of your competitors

Successful marketing does more than sell products – it boosts reputation making a brand the go-to company or organisation when someone needs a certain product or service.

It can become ingrained in society and our language too. For example, when someone says they want to give the lounge a quick hoover, they are using a brand name – Hoover – for vacuuming.

Offline marketing places you in front of the queue, leaving your competitors trailing in your wake. Get it right and your business can be the trailblazer of your sector.

Colour Graphics is an online print and design agency with a habit of creating fantastic offline marketing campaigns and printed materials for their clients.


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