How to deal with Negative Feedback received from Social Media.

As within any form of communication, it is people’s right to complain and the fact that we have social media makes it easier for people’s voices to be heard quickly and by many from a simple few typed words on an internet accessing device. This kind of exposure to feedback makes many companies, especially international corporations, make dedicated steps to monitor and handle where and how negative feedback and complaints are received and to deal with them in the quickest and most professional way possible. So, if you receive negative comments or complaints against your company on social media, what steps should you take in order to represent your brand professionally.

  • Firstly, make sure you have a presence on social media becuase if you are not there yourself talking about your own company, they’ll be other people doing it for you and maybe not portraying you in the correct light!
  • Monitor your business name across social media to see if comments have been made about you.
  • Have a fan page for your company and invite past and current customers to join.
  • Invite feedback and comments, this allows people to share with you thoughts and maybe recommendations. Allowing people a dedicated place to share their experiences makes them less aggressive when initiating a complaint.
  • Never delete complaints received on social media as it will more than likely infuriate the person who wrote it and spark them to repeat posting their comments until they are responded to.
  • Respond professionally as soon as you can inviting the person to contact a dedicated telephone number or email address so that you can handle their complaint.
  • Make sure that you respond to each part of the customer’s complaint and if the issue gets resolved then make sure that is stated on social media so that people looking in can see that a complaint was raised by a customer and resolved.
  • For larger companies it may pay you to have dedicated complaints / feedback social media accounts to handle customer feedback, kept separate from your main business profile page, though equally as active.

As with any company, you are far more likely to receive negative feedback than positive as people will take the time to show and share their displeasure as opposed to sharing good experiences. Think about looking at your customer feedback as a whole and maybe include links to your social media sites on correspondance such as emails / newsletters and leaflets that are given to new customers asking for their feedback – Maybe combine this with prizes / rewards that a drawn monthly for people leaving comments on Facebook etc.

All companies receive negative feedback, many on social media so see it as your chance to deal with it openly and professionally and with a conclusion so that you turn a negative situation quickly in to a positive one.

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