How to earn money from Blogging in 2019

I wanted to share some ideas and thoughts towards making money from blogging, something which I have been doing now for several years.

2019 is bound to be a busy year for entrepreneurs, bloggers and blogging, as online marketing continues to grow in importance and recent GDPR regulations cutting off and reducing many companies reach online, many have turned to content marketing.

Content Marketing: Content marketing is a form of marketing focused on creating, publishing, and distributing content for a targeted audience online. Wikipedia

Businesses know they need to be seen online be it on Google searches to appearing on Facebook, being in front of their target audience is what they are after and what they will pay for. Many will opt for direct marketing though many will also choose the route of distributing relevant content on influencer websites / social media accounts in order to tap in to existing audiences and also improve their likelihood of being found on Google.

In order to take advantage of the above you will need to have either a website that is deemed to be important enough to attract paid for content or you have a social media account with a big enough and relevant following. This will take time in order to create yet is still very much a possibility if you follow simple steps in becoming successful with blogging.

So you have yourself a great website that has great content, how do you go about earning money from it?

There are many agencies out there dealing solely in content marketing and their agenda is all about getting their clients links – They are also known as managed SEO services / Link Building / Guest Post agencies.

These companies are looking for websites that have real, genuine web traffic so to place sponsored blogs on to with live links in order to increase their clients influence online. The sponsored blogs they place are usually at a cost and you can request a fee to host them from just a few £’s / $’s to 100’s or even in the 1,000’s depending on the size of your website and the target traffic it generates.

When you have good website traffic you can also investigate the likes of Googles AdChoices or simple charging companies to host banners at set monthly fees.

Another great avenue for making money from blogging is charging for your writing service. I regularly get asked to write content which usually pays anything from £25 to £100’s for usually 400 – 600 words. Sometimes you can also charge a premium if you have built yourself a name within the industry you are in as that in itself will also attract readers.

Though not strictly blogging, you must not forget social media and especially if you have built up a following for your blog. The audiences you have on them can also be used to tempt in advertisers and increase your charges for hosting sponsored blogs if you state that what you share on your website is also shared on to social media. Many companies take social media seriously and understand the importance of getting business messages out on to them – As crazy as it sounds, some top celebrities are charging over £400,000 per sponsored post on the likes of Twitter / Instagram simply because of the size of their audiences (Cristiano Ronaldo charges £308,000 per sponsored post).

Seriously, how much can you earn if you put some time aside to run a blogging website?

Many people ask me this and I am pleased to share with you a realistic figure or two. When you start off earning from blogging it will be small amounts, I remember my first month I earned money it totalled just 40$ (I use PayPal to get paid as many agencies I work with now are located globally). After three years of working on my three websites and placing them in front of agencies globally I earn myself a four figure sum monthly from requests to host sponsored blogs on my websites and usually get additional revenue via banners ads (average £300-£500 monthly) & Google AdChoices (£10 – £50 monthly). The monthly figure I generate is also increasing and a clear upward trend can be seen which is not effected by time of the year (holidays do not seem to effect income ie December being slower due to Christmas).

Blogging is not full time for me so a four figure sum monthly from just a few hours a month work is not bad (though please note it has taken several years to build my websites, the content, the audiences, the social media channels and more).


Christopher Walkey

Founder of Marketme and other online news channels with big social media followings. You will find me mostly writing about property, housing, politics, and fine wine.