How to increase ‘likes’ on Facebook.

How to increase ‘likes’ on Facebook

For all companies it is important to have good social media coverage in order to drive website traffic and gain a lager customer reach. Facebook is the second largest search engine so is a great way to do this! But once you have set up the page, how do you increase likes?

  •   Profile – As your business profile is the first thing users will see when entering the site, it has to attract them. The description should be catchy and contain full contact details. The more information you display, the easier Facebook will be able to find your company and what kind of organization you are! This will increase traffic to the page as it will make it easier for users to search for you and therefore like your page!
  •   Ask for likes – When you first create your Facebook profile, ask for likes off business partners, friends and family. This will give you a higher Facebook credibility and put your name out on Facebook for all their contacts to see. This is the best place to start.
  •   Promote – You need to promote your Facebook page wherever possible – the more people that know about it, the more likes you’ll get! So, on your website, provide a live stream of Facebook activity so it is easily accessible. Use plugins to link back to your page – placed on your website and any blogs written.
  •   Give something back – offer a download or promotion to those who like your page. If they are getting something back, they are more likely to do it! This could also be done by advertising that a product will be given away once you’ve reached (1,000?) likes to someone who liked the page.
  •   Run a competition – A big prize – relevant to your target audience – makes it much more attractive to like your page. The competition does, however, have to follow Facebook’s promotions guidelines. It could be set up so that others have to like the submissions – meaning they have to get friends to like their page in order to win. (Increasing traffic to the page and awareness of the business).
  •   Active – In order to get likes, the users need to be interested in the content you’re posting. So make it relevant to your target audience. You should definitely post at least once per day – more if you feel it necessary. It depends on your niche market. It has been recorded that most interaction is recorded at 3.00 week days, however, experiment with your audience and put posts out at different times. See which posts have gained the most likes and then utilise this information.

Likes are important to your business page as it is a way of interacting with your target audience. The more likes a page has, the more popular it will appear to others, consequently increasing their trust in the company.


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