How to plan your Estate Agency Social Media Marketing Campaign.

Planning your social media marketing campaign.

As with any marketing operation on any media platform, be it online or offline, it is important to adhere to three main points.

The right message
The right market / audience
The right method of communicating

It is important to have a goal in mind when using social media. As you would for placing an advert in the local paperwork looking for more valuations, the keywords and topic you would stick to might include ‘needed in your area’ or ‘recently sold, more wanted’ and similar. You have a results in mind and that would be to gain enquiries from home owners looking to sell or move from one estate agency to another. You need to have a core message on social media too and try to stick to it in order to build an active following.

Social media should be a well thought out plan, not that I am saying you shouldn’t just attack platforms such as Facebook and Twitter, but having a clear goal in mind will help you to soon establish a character / personality that an audience will get used to and follow / share your content.

Many estate agents make the big mistake of using their estate agency account to socialise with business associates within their industry, they can become carried away by enjoying themselves by sharing the likes of jokes, football results and even gripes within their industry sector. Their audience is building based on these kind of interactions, few following to find out more about property in their local region. Great if you want to be seen as ‘Mr or Ms Popular’ in your industry, but your competitors could be creeping up behind you and building a far more useful audience that are more likely to be responsive and active to marketing messages.

The right message: Make sure that your message not only incorporates sales, but value added content too. So your message should also include engaging images, videos and blogs.

The right market: Social media allows you to target an audience much easier and also understand their characteristics far better than any other form of marketing. Knowing what they stand for, their likes and dislikes etc means that you can align your social media marketing personality with them, at the right time and right location. If you can be the first to inject some real personality into your market across social media and start to share interesting, entertaining, educational and engaging content with your audience, then you really can lead a strong and potentially viral marketing campaign ahead of your competitors who may still be discussing the latest football results…

The right communication on the right platform: Deciding which platform(s) to use should be based on where your target audience is most active. Research activity of your key target audience and also any rival agencies using social media platforms, how successful are they, what communications are they having etc. My business coach many times repeats that you do not have to be always first to succeed in business, look at what competitors have and are doing, spot a gap and fill it – On social media there are still so many apps to fill as so few people and businesses have truely grasped all the potential it holds.

For more information on how to build and maintain a strong and successful social media presence or your estate agency I suggest attending one of our monthly ‘Estate Agency Social Media Training Courses‘ taking place in Lindon and Manchester monthly.

 How to plan your Estate Agency Social Media Marketing Campaign.

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