I built my brand and my business on social media: Interview – Rosa Brighid

A couple of years back now I spotted a determined and polite lady using her Twitter account to gain exposure for her modelling career, I decided to say hello and I tracked her social media progress (she also kindly did a selfie with one of my past publications), she started to grow in determination and results… Her name is Rosa Brighid:

Modelling is a very competitive business sector to be in, how does social media enable you to stand out?

Over the last few years I have realised that you have to put 110% into social media, you have to know your market and learn what your market likes, this means I am always trying to work out what my fans enjoy more, and work it around that. I am so consistent and very persistent, its a 24 hour mission because time is of the essence, that is really how everything took off for me.

I chose not to put all my eggs into one basket and give it all I had with all the skills that I had learnt. I studied business management at Plymouth University which focused a lot on marketing, but it wasn’t until I started working in events for a couple of clubs that I truly learnt how to use social media. I was then given the opportunity to work for a large events company based in London to work as their intern, this all went well and I could still study. I definitely got the bug for social media, they made me their social media executive. It was a challenge and I truly loved it! A few months in I was invited to live in London for a month to continue the internship. I thought I would continue doing events, but then I got into modelling during my last year at university and I have been doing it ever since.

You have to realise that its partly trial and error, my brain is like a sponge, if I want to do something I do it, I figure it out until I am moving forward. I’ve networked a lot and I have in the past worked tirelessly putting in the hours at my computer finding new ways to promote myself, I have explored many social media platforms and I am always trying to engage with my fans more and more. Engagement is more important than numbers.

Rosa Brighid Twitter

Favourite social media platform Rosa?

Honestly each social media platform has its place and uses, but I have to say I love using twitter, everyone is so supportive on there, and of course there is less risk of being removed for whatever reason.
Twitter was where it all began for me so there is a lot of old timer fans on there which I am truly grateful for, their support means the world to me. They have seen me grow and go from strength to strength, it’s very fulfilling. Some people I know don’t give enough energy to Twitter, but once they do it’s great for reaching a bigger audience. All it takes is a decent post and boom you’ve gained a few hundreds followers. It’s very engaging and fun. I find it interesting as it’s easier to create a snowball effect on there, the algorithm seems to be very good compared to Facebook or Instagram. It doesn’t seem as restrictive.

If you doubt yourself or others doubt your ability, do you feel that social media holds no boundaries and anyone with any mental / physical / financial disability can still shine to a worldwide audience with social media?

I definitely think you have to be willing to embrace the love and also accept that there will be haters, if you put yourself out there online, expect criticism, trolls and doubters.

Once your fans start to grow, you will only get more of a constant stream of talk, I like to think that this means you’re doing it right. It can be overwhelming at times, but if you know who you are as a person, and you know what you stand for, and what you want to achieve, I truly believe people will support you.

Sometimes you have to change up what you are doing in order to evolve as a brand, some people will not like this, but that is inevitable. I love the freedom that social media has given me, I have been able to grow with it, tending to it everyday, and now it’s thriving! It has led me to so many awesome opportunities, the good things totally out weigh the bad, you have to be optimistic!

What I will say is be ready for change, and be ready for exposure. It’s not something to fear. I try and remain positive, that I can look back one day and know I chose my path, and it was the right path for me.


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What is your recommendation for someone looking to promote themselves as a model  – Is it perseverance, how you brand yourself, time you have to commit, money you spend?

Firstly, I would choose which social media platforms you need to be on, and try and connect the dots, for example, if I post a picture or video on my Twitter, I then need to see if I can post it on Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, Tumblr and I then add to my stories on my Facebook page and insta story. This has to be done, you have to be easy to discover online. Yes it takes time, but i’ts worth it.

I keep an eye on what posts are doing well, and then I can then remove anything that didn’t work, but I seem to be hitting the spot with my posts recently. I have fun with it! I think people can almost sense if your post wasn’t thought out properly, but having said that, spontaneity is everything and that can work really well.

I work on my social media most days, there’s rarely time off, it sounds intense but that is my style, it is my full time job so I have a lot of time to invest.

In terms of money, I do use sponsored ads on my Facebook page which helped me significantly grow my Facebook page which had gone stale at 20,000 likes, but its now gone over 70,000. This wasn’t just Facebook ads, I do promote my page to my social media. It’s a combined effort!

Branding is key, I know my strengths and I try and use variety, to keep things fresh and interesting for people. Sometimes I’ll just be walking along with my coffee and an idea will just pop into my head, when that happens act on it, it normally means it’ll help your brand! I am quite intuitive and my gut instinct is normally right. It’s how I know I’m on the right path.

Have you suffered any hurt from social media, does it test your mental strength and resolve, ie have you had trolls, hate posts, those who are jealous etc?

Trolls are everywhere, but I have way more supporters than trolls, they will try and pick apart my character and the way I look, but I know that it’s all insignificant. I also understand that a lot of people might see me online and their first impression may be negative. it’s just the way it works.

I know I’m a good person and I also know that it’s my business, and a bit of controversy is okay times. I’m not going to please everybody!

The only thing that happened which was very bad was a hater got my main Instagram disabled with over 225k followers. They also got my back up a few days later, it was a blow, but I picked myself up and was so happy that I hadn’t put all my eggs in one basket. I had built a little empire that was bullet proof, and this was not going to stop me. In-fact since then, I’ve gone from strength to strength, doing better than when I had my main Instagram. It’s been incredible. I learnt that it’s nice to have an impressive number of followers, but it wasn’t the end of the world. Things were still moving on up, and they still are. I am still appealing for my main account, so watch this space!

Your fame has led you to page three of daily newspapers, travelling abroad to model and a most wonderful portfolio of photography of you – You prove that things are possible – What word of advice would you give the younger generation out there who wish to pursue the same success as you in modelling?

I still can’t believe how much I have done, I used to have no confidence, I remember I would send my pictures off to model agencies when I was a teenager and get rejected time and time again, but something changed, I carved my own path, it’s taken time, but each year has been better than the last.

I would advise people to do what feels right, I have been blessed to have a very supportive family. Never think no is always going to be a no, you just have to network your heart out and not give up no matter what, find what you’re good at and know when you are presented with a legit good opportunity. Air on the side of caution always and research everything, there are a few slime balls out there!

So Rosa, how can our readers find out more about you and how can they follow you on social media?

I will list my usernames for you to find me, I have also become a verified chivette recently on TheChive.com. My username is @ChivetteRosa.
Instagram – @Therosalifestyle
Twitter – @Rosabrighid
Snapchat – @Therosagirl

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