Increase your chances of winning the EuroMillions Euro Lottery with Marketme!

“To think that the very first video we were commissioned to do was for a small business owner and good contact of mine that was later to win £148 Million on the Euro Millions!” Christopher Walkey, CEO of Marketme TV.

As with every business start-up, it was hard to get your business message across and find new customers. Like many other micro companies, the Marketme idea was launched on the corner of the living room table with it’s uniqueness held within the passion, ambition and drive of it’s founder. Even just three years ago the idea of video marketing on the internet was still very new and certainly required a great deal of explanation to any business owner and that was to just tempt people in to have a free demo video done!

Fortunately we were lucky enough to demonstrate our first video with a local business owner who provided the local town with musical instruments, music records/CD’s and DVD’s – The Record Peddler. Adrian Bayford and his shop were filmed and this video was uploaded to YouTube in order to share it with the local community. So, thanks to Adrian the Marketme seed was born.

Video of Adrian’s orginal Record Peddler shop in Haverhill, Suffolk:

Back in August 2012 Adrian, only by popping to the local grocery store, purchased that Golden Ticket that would win himself and his family the Euro Million jackpot of £148 Million. Christopher Walkey, Marketme CEO, recently visited his good contact Adrian to both congratulate him on his win and also to thank him for having the kindness to give Marketme their first chance in the world of video marketing. Marketme is now a successfully growing digital marketing agency based in Colchester, Essex with both local and national clients. So, if you are feeling lucky and want to have a video done of your business, then why not contact Marketme and go out and buy yourself a Euro Millions Lottery Ticket!

Adrian Bayford Euro Million Winner.


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