Interesting facts about #Twitter so far in 2013…

Twitter… Twitter!

This great platform is growing in popularity and increasing all it’s figures and firmly catching up with other marketing / social platforms.

  • USA is the biggest user of Twitter with approximately 51% of members. UK is in second place with 17%.
  • Approximately 24 billion searched performed on Twitter per day.
  • 1 Million Twitter accounts are created everyday.
  • The celebrity Lady Gaga is the most popular celebrity on Twitter with over 30,000,000 followers!
  • 77% of the top 100 companies have a Twitter account.
  • Over 50 % of Twitter users now advertise company‚Äôs products on Twitter with 57 % of companies using Twitter for Business.
  • Searches are more performed on Twitter more than Yahoo and Bing.
  • 55% of Twitter users are male.

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