Klout for Business.

Klout is a free online tool for measuring your influence, based on the ability for you to drive action on the internet.  You can link Klout up with your Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Instagram and Foursquare.  It gives you a score out of 100 as to how influential you are – the closer to 100, the better.The Home Page

This gives you a chart showing how your influence has been changing over the past few months, and below this, shows activities where your influence has been measured and how big the score for this was.


Down the left hand side of the page, you will see all of the accounts that you have linked up to Klout, and if you click the drop down arrow on the right of each of the platforms, it gives a break down of followers and engagement.If you have Klout for Business, which is a fairly new addition, you will have access to the ‘insights’ tab.  This provides more in depth information about your influence through your business pages.  It is split in to four tabs.

1.       The first tab, ‘audience’, enables you to ‘explore and track statistics from your connected networks’.  It shows you, over the last 90 days, the number of interactions with your content, the number of people who have created content about your business, and what percentage of those who have engaged with your business have a Klout score of more than 50.  It also shows a graph of your audience, broken down by their Klout score.

2.       The second tab, ‘topics’, shows ‘you the areas your audience is most influential in’, allowing you to better engage with them.  By seeing what your audience is talking about and therefore what they are interested in, you can get involved in these conversations.

3.       The third tab, ‘network recommendations’, shows you where your audience is most influential and compares this to where your brand is receiving its engagements.  It shows three separate recommendations, based on the influence of your audience with certain Klout scores.


4.       Finally, ‘moments’ allows you to look at which posts about your business were most influential, allowing you to see which posts were most popular with your audience and look at which influential audience members are talking about your business.  This is also broken down by the Klout score of those talking about you.


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