Leveraging Pinterest for SEO and your E-commerce Business.

In the ever expanding world of Social Media, Pinterest has quickly evolved from a simple start up concept to one of the most popular, revenue generating social media platforms. In the last 5 months Pinterest has grown its user base 43.7 percent to more than 70 million. A big part of users action on Pinterest is perusing images to make purchases and this trend is also growing.

Initially, users were pinning images that they liked and maybe was on their wish list for next Christmas whereas these choices of images Pinterest  are now turning into a true e-commerce choice for the ‘pinners’.  Boards are being created by businesses to showcase their products via pins with prices to other users in order to attract purchases, starting yesterday, the social networking platform has added a new feature that alerts users when prices on pinned items drop. Just like Ebay, images attract people to make bids on items, Pinterest will enable on line users to view items and purchase – Ideal for E-Commerce businesses.

During the second quarter of this year, Pinterest accounted for 23% of social-generated e-commerce sales and Twitter 22%. Facebook’s share was slightly higher, at 28%. But a year ago the space looked extremely different. Pinterest was a blip, and accounted for just 2% of social commerce. Facebook dominated with a whopping 55% of social-mediated e-commerce sales.” Quotes taken from  www.businessinsider.com

If you are looking to start or compliment your e-commerce business on Pinterest, then here are some top tips for you:

  1. Look to boost your outreach / SEO by Pins that are linked directly from your website as opposed to simply uploaded.
  2. Make sure you boards have a healthy number of images to attract users to open them and view the pins.
  3. You can go beyond just images to get your message out there, remember that You Tube videos can be pinned to boards in the same way as any other thumbnail.
  4. Pinterest has a dedicated $ gift section, searchable by price range. If you have an e-commerce site make sure you tag your images by price when you upload them.
  5. Make your content easy to find by using #tags in your descriptions.
  6. To maximize your revenue on Pinterest, it’s critical that all of your products are pinned.
  7. If you’re promoting your Pinterest as a main on line channel for your e-commerce then include a link to your Pinterest board on your websites, blogs etc.






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