Linkedin’s 12 Top Tips for Strengthening your Profile and Business.

Linkedin is a great professional social media  platform that unlike portals such as Twitter and Facebook, it allows for detailed searches for relevant member and group keywords. Success from Linkedin is all about being found and participating within relevant group discussions. Here are some top tips which will improve your visibility and success from using Linkedin:

  1. Make sure that you have a 100% completed profile, if you haven’t then you need to complete your account profile details with Linkedin so that your profile strength is ‘All-Star’.
  2. Professional photograph always goes along way in business so make sure the profile image you use depicts who you are in the best possible way. Consider professional photography.
  3. Join relevant groups within your business sector and participate by sharing comments on threads.
  4. Create groups that are linked to your business sector.
  5. Create a dedicated page for your business profile.
  6. Create a unique URL on Linkedin for your account rather than the standard URL containing random numbers. ie JSmith
  7. Share your profile across other social media platforms as well as email signatures, websites, newsletters and even business cards.
  8. Connect with other people. Remember that social media isn’t so much a numbers game, but a target audience building concept. Look out for relevant people you would like to connect with, research your existing contacts and see who are already using Linkedin and connect with them.
  9. Recommendations are great to increase the popularity of your profile and give browsers confidence in approaching you.
  10. Endorsements are also great so start endorsing connections for the services you know they offer and invite endorsements for your own services too.
  11. Monitor your time line for a lot of great content is shared – Always worthwhile reading some of the links shared and once again, leave comments and likes where appropriate.
  12. Remember not to spam across Linkedin as this will not be appreciated by other members and too much keyword content from you could even attract Linkedin themselves to suspend your account.




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