Putting your brand in front of celebrities and key decision makers.

The world of Twitter has grown immensley in it’s so far very short lifetime – More and more people and companies are using this platform to interact from the general public to international celebrities and stars, the local village store to famous brands such as Coca-Cola and Sony.

This blog post is really about the fact that social media attracts stars, celebrities and those of influencial poisitions within national and international corporations – These people who could make a big difference to your business and brand. Which ever industry you might be in and what ever personality could really help to endorse or recognise your brand, you will find a majority of them activily using social media. Only recently we were interacting with members of the BBC Dragons Den series such as Duncan Bannatyne and Hilary Devey. One of our clients had a reTweet from Carol Vorderman in regards to their estate agency and another had their product considered by a celebrity sports therapist.

We regulary say that social media interaction can bring about amazing results and opportunities for PR, just imagine a person selling unique kitchen products who received a Tweet from Jamie Oliver, or someone selling Champagne glasses getting amention from Moet? These kind of interactions are happening daily, increasing your chances of attracting investors, opportunities to pitch to national brands or quite simply giving you the opportunity to run fantastic PR campaigns using celebrity names who’ve recognised your products.

To find out more how Marketme help their clients to obtain recognition from well known faces and influential business people to include recieving awards from the likes of Theo Paphitis just visit our Social Media page on our website: www.marketme.co.uk/social-media-management

Tweet from Hilary Devey


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