#SBS and why if treated right can do wonders!

Going back to the start of my experience on social media I was more used to LinkedIn and never thought of Twitter as a tool for the business. If not for a conversation with a client, the fab Becs McNeill @becsmcneill instilling some insight during a 1-2-1 that I created a profile and went from there.

Bit of a rocky start but these things take a bit of time. When the journey gets interesting was a year plus in, was at a healthy 1,200 followers and heard about Theo Paphitis #SBS (Small Business Sunday), so decided to join in.
Many tweets and over four months later I won on the 16th October 2011, email went on meltdown for a night and the week was spent responding and spending as much time getting to know those that had followed, fellow winners and lots of new glorious contacts. Firm believer in grabbing opportunities and one win led to another and more time on Twitter led to getting to know more fellow winners, saw that a few winners where offering #SBS badges to winners and thought I might offer an alternative.
The #SBS benefits started happening shortly after the new year in 2012, when a fellow winner wanted to talk about a re-brand and stationery. Others contacted me based on seeing my award badge styles and a few just wanted to chat. All benefits as it’s not just about direct business where the business has come, it’s come from fellow winners referring and pointing people towards me.
So my advice to any new or old #SBS winner is simple, be a business and not a ‘diva’! Follow back all those that have spent time to do the same, communicate, get to know and the benefits will come and might bring some unexpected surprises too. Everything takes time and work, you get the initial week on the right foot and you can take on the world with the contacts that you’ve been gifted by the RT from Theo Paphitis.


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