Seven reasons why you should be investing time in writing #Blogs for your website.

When people are searching for content on the internet they are mostly always looking for the latest, relevant content which will take precedent in both ranking on search engines and the chances of receiving click throughs. We always recommend that our clients have active blogs on their website as this will improve your chances of being found online, provides great content to share across Social Media platforms and allows you to capture regular and loyal website visitors / email addresses / interactions. Why you should think about blogs?

  1. Increases your website content / keywords which improves and fuels your SEO.
  2. Blogs engage online audiences and allows for and encourages interaction, comments and feedback.
  3. Ideal content to be shared across Social Media platforms.
  4. 60% of businesses who blog acquire more customers, according to a recent HubSpot survey.
  5. It can become one of your strongest direct communication channels.
  6. They help you stay alert on the latest updates within your industry.
  7. Blogs help you to keep focused on your content marketing strategy.


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