Social Media Management and Marketing your Business.

Can you really afford to ignore Social Media in todays marketing world, leave out venturing on to Facebook, Twitter or YouTube? Figures now show that social media management for business is now offering strong return in investment and is helping to increase brand awareness across the internet to include improving search engine optimisation for Google etc.

What should you be doing right now if Social Media is either something you have yet to embrace or if you know that your efforts are far from enough to give you any results? Here are some simply suggestions that we would like to offer to get you on the right track to see success from Social Media management!

Take a look at Social Media and understand the varied platforms and what they are used for. Study the likes of Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, Google+ and Linkedin as these are the most popular platforms used. Also, do varied searches on Google search engine for topics within your industry and see just how many results come directly from social media platforms. Another good thing to investigate is your competition and to see if they are using Social Media and what success they are having and the way in which they are embracing Social Media platforms, ie are they active daily, are they preferring Twitter over Facebook etc?

Look to create your Social Media accounts, it is free to do. Once created take the time to complete them 100% with professional branding across each one you use. Look to populate the channels daily with relevant content that will engage your target audiences.

How do I build a target audience? When you start off in Social Media you need to start following / liking / joining in on conversations / pages / groups across the platforms to get yourself seen. Add to this by commenting in conversations and start to share the content across your account, ie if you see an interesting Tweet on Twitter then reTweet it РThis will help to get you noticed. Another thing to remember is that many people you know both personally or in business will most probably be on Social Media so search for them and connect , say hello and start conversations. Once you have made a decision to use Social Media for your business then think about sharing your accounts across other marketing materials such as your website, blogs, email footer, business cards etc.

Social Media is free to use, but getting results will take a great deal of effort, commitment and time. It is a process that will not offer results from half hearted attempts, just like most things in business, to succeed, you need to put in 110% effort to see results.

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