Social Media platform #Facebook adopts the #HashTag!

Facebook now recognises the #HashTag – Are they too late and have Twitter got ‘Market Saturation‘ on this commonly known social media icon.

What we all know as the ‘Social Media’ hashtag is known to orginate from Twitter in 2007 and was soon formalized by the patform making ‘highlighting’ it and making it clickable. The traditional # symbol┬áhas been seen widely on other social networks, namely Instagram, Tumblr and Pinterest – Facebook have now joined the crowd (And about time some would say).

The # or ‘Hash Symbol’ is now used mainly on the Ssocial Networking platform #Twitter as a way to express thoughts and expressions and even allows for users to be identified on top of their account user name. It is a great way of increasing the chances of a Tweet being read as using #HashTag will place your Tweets within searches. It generally is the highlight of any Tweet / update and in cases causes other members to embrace and endorse via #reTweeting.

Facebook’s #HashTag now literally creates a clickable link taking users in to a collective box within that search term, allowing for social coversation based on same subjects or topics easier to embrace and follow. Facebook plan to highlight the #HashTags further within user timelines / home pages and showcase trending topics as Twitter does already.

The feature is not yet fully active on Facebook, but it is likely to be pushed out across the platform in the very near feature.


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