Social Media – The Dragon Effect!

The Dragon Effect

So, the other day, and not for the first time, I was asked if, “…doing all that Twitter and stuff makes a difference?”. At the time, if I’m honest, I didn’t have a satisfactory positive response from the experience I’d had. Okay, we’d had the odd enquiry and various interactions with existing and potential clients, but I couldn’t honestly say we’d turned a profit from our efforts directly.

Now, I understand that social media from a business perspective is about more than just gaining new clients and making more sales, I understand it’s about pulling people towards you, education, discussion and information rather than just pushing your wares on them. I’ve read articles and books explaining the “Facebook Effect” etc but to be frank, I was starting to get a little disillusioned.

That was on Monday of this week. As of today, Wednesday, my feeling could not be more different.

Our Facebook viewing and interactions this week are up by an amazing 360.60%. Our website has seen a significant spike and our Twitter account is on fire!!!!!!

So what’s changed?

Mr Theo Paphitis is what’s changed. This week @willyoungrenovo was selected as a winner for his Small Business Sunday Award. A simple retweet of our details and Rymans Stationers announcing us as the winners, and the things have all gone a little potty!!!

How much of a benefit this will show in the long run is yet to be seen, but you can be sure we’ll squeeze every last drop of brand association PR out of this.

Ask me again in 3 months, but for now, I love social media, I love Theo, I love Rymans, and I love the fact that the costs associated with this kind of exposure would have cost us a damn site more that that which we’ve invested!!!!!!!!

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