Social Media tips for 2014.

As it is likely to be, Social Media will form an important part of many company’s marketing drive for 2014, those that will increase their marketing budget and time commitment to the likes of Facebook and Twitter to those who will be embracing social media for the first time. Many experts are writing up some really detailed information on how to be successful with social media as we get to understand the subject more and as it starts to take shape and direction, gaining it’s rightful place amongst all the other main marketing avenues such as SEO and email marketing. Below is a list of top tips to embrace in your social media marketing efforts in 2014 to hopefully see you achieving some excellent results from your Tweets, updates, shares, posts etc…


  • Encourage more of your current clients to leave feedback across social media. Offer incentives such as monthly giveaways to those who take the time to partake. By a client leaving positive feedback on their social media timeline, it puts your brand in front of their following and the chance for you to touch upon networks outside of your own direct following.
  • Take time to create original content online to compliment your social media updates. Think about blogs, images and videos and make sure these are original and your own, but most importantly, they are hosted on your website – It is best to have a link pointing to your own website rather than sharing content from another site. If you do share content on a third party website then try and make sure you have a profile page so people reading any content will still see your profile and will have the opportunity to find out more about you or click back to your capture website.
  • If your social media following seems to always face the same problems and ask the same questions then look to act upon this. Create demo videos or FAQ pages to share with them.
  • Remember that people use social media to fill spare minutes in their lives and not hours so keep your content short and sweet where possible and think about creating content / headlines that are attention grabbing or offer your following something they cannot refuse and are eagerly enticed to find out more from you…
  • Understand your target audience on social media better in 2014 and look to realise their personalities, what they stand for and care about, how they react to latest trends / topics in the news. By understanding your followers better you can start to deliver content more suited to their way of thinking and more likely to get a response.
  • Demonstrate your expertise. Spend more time updating your social media accounts with content relevant to the services / products you offer. As an example, if you are in hairdressing then look to take more images of the work you do and show that across social media. Ask clients to share images on your pages of the styles you have created for them… Once again, give them an incentive to do so, ie a free cut and blow dry once a month for the best image shared or the one which has received the most likes / shares etc.


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