#SocialMedia vs Traditional Marketing Methods.

We personally think that all forms of marketing are important to increase chances of business success, but below are some key examples on how Social Media compares to Traditional Marketing Methods ~ Both good and bad.

  • Social Media marketing is Social allowing for interacting with clients on a Social level rather direct marketing such as those seen on television, radio, newspapers etc.
  • Social Media marketing platforms are accessible 24/7 as most everyday internet accessing devices such as mobile phones and tablets have them installed as standard.
  • Social Media and the location and mobility of internet access has changed the digital marketing scene forever.
  • Social Media allows for text, photo and video interaction and allows it in real time such as video streaming from Skype.
  • Social Media can be tested for Free with no risk.
  • Social Media can take your concept viral as it allows for rapid sharing between user accounts and platforms.
  • Social Media may not appeal to everyone as it is seen as too innovative and untested.
  • Social Media doesn’t deliver a professional and personal service compared to face to face networking.
  • Social Media doesn’t work as a stand alone marketing avenue as it needs content from outside sources and always needs a capture website to point traffic to.
  • Social Media reduces direct website traffic and decreases the need for direct communications between the business and client / customer.



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