content marketing

How to Improve Social Media Shares of your Content Marketing.

8th March 2014

Content marketing combines the creation of valuable content with social media marketing and search engine optimization. It helps companies to drive in new prospects, new leads, to establish their own credibility in their respective industries and stay top in the minds with existing and potential clients. Social media holds and will continue to increase their dominant…

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Now You Can Publish on LinkedIn

5th March 2014

Recently, the signs have been pointing to LinkedIn to become a content site and formidable media contender, in addition to being the place professionals go to connect. This is good news for the smaller or lesser known business people in the community, because LinkedIn has just opened up something exciting toward that end: publishing. Limited…

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The power of the URL link and how to use it.

27th February 2014

That image above shows one of the ugliest yet most powerful pieces of information on the internet. It shows a URL, or link, address or dubdubdub, whatever you call it. It’s also the most powerful thing you and your business have access to. You see, you don’t really need to know the in’s and out’s…

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Social Media Expectations for 2014 #3

24th January 2014

Prior to 2014 kicking in I highlighted on my blog that I had 4 expectations for social media in the new year & that I would delve a little further into each of them throughout January. You can read the first 2 posts here & here & this is the third, all about Google+. My…

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How to Ensure Repurposing Content is Worthwhile.

23rd January 2014

A controversial topic amongst marketers globally is the idea of reworking or moulding an existing piece of content, be it blog, video or infographic into another form or media type to re-distribute. There are those that coin this concept as ‘lazy’ however, I  quite disagree. Why wouldn’t you, where possible save time and energy on…

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