The Berry Company

22nd August 2022

Welcome to The Berry Company, created in 2007 by Khaled El Yafi after being inspired by the publicity surrounding superfoods and their nutritious benefits. They are excited to announce the release of a new product, their delicious Green Tea and Blueberry juice blend with Aronia and Juniper extract. They decided to go with Blueberry as…

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Zero Water – The Simple Way To Make Clean Water

10th September 2021

Although the water coming out of your tap is drinkable, it’s not exactly what you would call, completely clean, it’s, of course, safe to drink, but not as clean as mineral or spring water, so if you are wanting to find a way to purify your water, then Zero Water is ideal for ease of…

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English Country Garden in a Bottle – Sprigster

20th August 2021

You receive the Sprigster, delivered in a wooden box, burnt into the top is the name and logo, inside is the bottle itself, two Indian Tonic Waters and some dried fruit and dried flowers, which still give off pleasant aromas. Presentation is one thing you can be sure to get with Sprigster, opening the box…

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