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NHS and Social Media – Is it all down to the strategy?

10th May 2014

For the last couple of weeks both myself and Ash have been heavily involved in debates regarding the NHS and Social Media. We first got involved because the people were asking for solutions and we wanted to discuss that with them. The NHS is a mine field of bureaucracy and levels of management. The NHS…

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The Power of Social Media working wonders for Trophy & Engraving Company.

15th February 2014

  The power of Social Media working wonders for businesses was evident in a order we had recently. We don’t just send our products to near by sports clubs and businesses, we have now ventured further afield into new territory. Social Media has played a huge part in this. The Romanian Curling Federation are now customers…

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How to Ensure Repurposing Content is Worthwhile.

23rd January 2014

A controversial topic amongst marketers globally is the idea of reworking or moulding an existing piece of content, be it blog, video or infographic into another form or media type to re-distribute. There are those that coin this concept as ‘lazy’ however, I  quite disagree. Why wouldn’t you, where possible save time and energy on…

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