Quick Tips for Social Media.

19th November 2014

Social Media maybe a mine field for many people, but in all honesty it is a very simple solution for people to promote both themselves and their businesses. There is no rocket science behind social media, see it just like attending one of your breakfast meeting business networking events – A place to be seen…

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5 Reasons to Hop onto the Twitter Train If You Haven’t Already.

20th June 2014

Since its arrival in 2006, Twitter has taken the social network space by storm, cutting it up into bite sized pieces of information for us all too quickly digest. With more than 500 million registered accounts and 1.6 billion search queries per day, it’s fair to say that Twitter is popular. With the likes of…

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How to Make Friends and Alienate People (on Social Media)

10th April 2014

Now, here is the $64,000 for all those people using social media out there (which is everybody nowadays). Is it a functioning marketing tool in and of itself, or is it merely a supporting character in the greater marketing machine? The question is more nuanced than many would initially believe, not to mention the differences…

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Sharing is Caring. Watch what and how do you share!

21st February 2014

 Social Media is about networking and sharing. Sounds obvious. Simple, you would say. But let just ask yourself What are you sharing? Maybe better How do you share things?  Let me show you few things you should do before and while sharing. Making this simple things you will show respect to your followers, no matter its…

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