Optimizing Your Content for StumbleUpon Engagement.

4th August 2014

StumbleUpon’s community is filled with active users who love to discover and share content from a wide variety of topics and interests. One of the best ways to earn your blog some new traffic or more exposure is to promote your content on the platform. When done properly, StumbleUpon users will engage and interact endlessly…

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5 Tips to Drive Traffic to Your Blog including sharing on social media.

3rd July 2014

We all know the disappointment of putting in the time and effort to write marketing pieces, statuses articles and blogs etc to find the views and visits are less than impressive. Here are 5 top tips to help improve the traffic to your website or blog. 5 Top Tips: 1. Be consistent If you don’t…

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The power of the URL link and how to use it.

27th February 2014

That image above shows one of the ugliest yet most powerful pieces of information on the internet. It shows a URL, or link, address or dubdubdub, whatever you call it. It’s also the most powerful thing you and your business have access to. You see, you don’t really need to know the in’s and out’s…

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