How to Rank Higher in YouTube Search Results.

9th June 2014

In case you didn’t know already, despite the fact that Google owns YouTube, what works for Google search engines does not necessarily work for YouTube search.  In other words, just because a video ranks highly in Google search doesn’t mean it will in YouTube search, and vice versa. Is the difference that important? Um, heck…

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how to activate and use the new twitter layout.

How to use and activate the new Twitter layout.

14th April 2014

So, Twitter has had an update and it looks brilliant. I thought I’d produce a quick video on how to use the new update to find more customers and increase your market share. How to use the new #Twitter layout #update and how to increase your market share — Devon Digital Design (@DevonDigitalD)…

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YouTube: Time wasting, or superhero?

25th March 2014

Have you ever thought about using YouTube to marketing your business? What part does it play a part in helping you sell more?  I bet I have a different answer to you! Yes, I know it’s meant to be the really big thing of 2014, but do you really think it works? Is YouTube marketing…

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Top tips for using YouTube for your business.

3rd March 2014

The fourth post in our series of ‘top tips’ posts looks at using YouTube for your business.  Whether or not you are already using video for your business, there are some tips here which you may not have heard of before!  If you like this post, have a look at our top tips for Facebook,…

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