The Future of Sleep

SoundaSleep has available a pillow that records your sleep and also allows you to listen to music or calming sounds, to help you get to sleep.

To utilize this pillow fully, you will need to download the SoundaSleep app which is 465mb in size, after reading the app’s tutorial and run through, which is pretty easy to understand, you are ready to start falling asleep in a cool futuristic way.

They offer two different types of pillows, a Wired Pillow and Bluetooth Pillow, with them both currently on offer, the wired being £25 and the Bluetooth priced at £20, both down from £50, so a good discount.

Speaker Pillow Features:

  • Set Alarms
  • Records Sleep Data
  • Music or Sounds with fade out options
  • Find out if you Snore or not

One thing that I found interesting was the fact that the pillow analyzes how you sleep depending on what you did on that day, the way this works is with the My Day button, you enter in what you have planned on your day, just like a diary/calendar and the pillow you tell you how you slept, for example, you might have a big meeting or interview the next day, as long as you add this into the My Day section, the pillow can tell you if this caused less sleep, less comfortable sleep or it might not have affected you at all.

Soundasleep offers a range of sounds to help you get to sleep, but thankfully it also allows you to access your own library of music to listen to when you sleep or if you prefer, you can go onto YouTube and watch a video.

The speaker in the pillow can go quieter than the lowest option on my phone, which will help anyone out wanting to fall asleep listening to something without disturbing another person or wearing headphones.

Sleeping on the Pillow

The Pillow itself is comfortable, you don’t feel the speaker inside and the volume can be adjusted to fit your ear, I can turn it up to be head when standing at the end of my bed or down to not able to hear it at all, the Pillow is soft rather than firm, but as someone who has been sleeping on firm pillows for years, the change didn’t affect me or make sleeping feel weird or wrong at all, I was very comfortable and slept throughout the night soundly.

The App

Now the app is not essential to be able to use this pillow, so you don’t have to download it and it is free to download for everyone, there is no code that comes with the pillow or anything like that.

When I first got the pillow, I saw I needed to download an app, which I did, I opened it up and read through everything, I added my music, looked through the sounds on the app and plugged it in ready to use, it worked, I click on the sleep button and I started hearing my music, I also saw it was reading if I snored, I only spent about 5 minutes using the app because I wanted to take the pictures, but when I went back to it at night, the app didn’t want to work properly, it opened up, I could still access all the sections, it’s just when I click on the sleep button that a problem happens.

I click on the sleep button and it takes to a page that says ‘please make sure your phone is plugged in before sleeping, referring to the charging plug, it is, then I click on the ‘Got It!’ button, but it just takes me back to the home page, now I’ve tried this plugged in, not plugged in and I’ve even uninstalled and reinstalled the app, but I still have the same problem, it worked the first time I used it, but not anymore.

Whether this is a problem you will encounter or not, I don’t know, over 1,000 people have downloaded the app and there are yet to be any reviews, so I don’t know if other people are getting this problem, you do miss a big part if you don’t have the app, but it’s still a really cool new way to sleep, just quietly listening to something coming out of your pillow and at the current price, it’s really not bad, if I get the app working, I’ll update this article for you, but for now, sleep well!


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