The importance of building communities across Social Media for Business.

This blog is ideally for those who have experimented with social media management and have built up a target audience and now are looking for further ways to engage those who are within their community. First of all, let’s look at why building a community is vital to escalating your social media efforts to deliver better web traffic and enquiry results. Building a community:

Once you have a target audience on social media you are half way their to really seeing some great results from your daily updates, no matter which social platform you are using. The ability to maintain that audience is vital. To build a community takes effort and time plus the usage of some innovative outside solutions. Within this blog we want to look at and how for our very own clients, this unique concept is helping them to improve results from social media:

Marketme are an approved LeaderBoarded Service provider. The concept is great for businesses looking to generate more web traffic and enquiries from their Twitter and Facebook endeavours. LeaderBoarded allows users to build a leader board on social media that pulls relevant scoring data from user activity across Facebook and Twitter, an example for the UK Property Industry that Marketme manages can be seen here:

Once you have created an account with LeaderBoarded, you can add members you wish to track and set scoring parameters. Each week / month the LeaderBoarded software pulls data from the social platforms to generate a league table of relevant activity, those most active will be highly positioned. They also send out alerts to notify the accounts who are highest positioned or have seen the biggest jump up the leader board. Once these accounts see they are active within a competitive league within their industry they become far more socially engaged with your account and will eagerly await each  new weeks / months leader board table.  Other LeaderBoarded tables include:

The LeaderBoarded concept creates a community of which you are in control of, it builds your social media popularity and generates website traffic and enquiries, to include entries from other users who you may not already be connected to.

Marketme manages varied LeaderBoarded accounts for industry sectors across the UK, for those interested in having a similar concept within their current social media activity simply give us a call on 01206 700888 and we can explain the concept further and how we can increase the value of your current social media status.

Marketme Leaderboards are powered by LeaderBoarded.




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