The Perfect Collapsible Lunchbox

The Mnched collapsible lunchbox is the perfect choice for anyone looking for a space-saving, eco-friendly, and convenient way to take their lunch to work, school or on the go.

The lunchbox has a lightweight design and is easy to transport and once you’ve eaten your lunch you can conveniently collapse it down to just 3cm so it takes up less space.

We tried it out and were impressed, the food was kept fresh and secure and it was great to collapse it down when we’d finished so that it took up less space in our bag, a great feature.

These boxes can easily be compacted when not in use, packed, and stored in a backpack or handbag. By using the collapsible lunchbox, you can save space in your bag and reduce the amount of waste generated from single-use plastic containers. With their lightweight design and easy clean-up, collapsible lunchboxes are easy to keep in your bag and use even to take home your restaurant leftovers and reduce food waste.

When not in use they can be collapsed to 3cm, easily stacked in your cupboard so not taking up much room in your kitchen. Plus, they have a leak-proof seal and are microwave and dishwasher safe making it the handiest option on the market.

The Mnched Collapsible Lunch Box is available in 3 colours, grey, pink and black and costs just £20 from


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