The Power of Social Media – Using Twitter when trading stocks and shares

Investing in stocks and shares was once the privilege of the wealthy, money went to money and it was like for many years until the internet arrived and trading online opened up the stock market to ordinary people and gave them the opportunity to make their fortunes, or as in most cases just a better way of investing money with greater returns than just measly yearly interest from the bank, especially these days with such low interest rates.

With the new wave of investors came the investors clubs and then the bulletin boards and many, many websites offering information, for example here you can check Forex indicators. They also share their choices of stocks and shares and giving the reasons behind those choices. As this new world of investing evolved alternative opportunities arose, one of those opportunities was short term trading or day trading, it is a way of identifying opportunities in the market which can be traded and profit is taken over a very short periods.

This method of short term trading relies very much on speed of communication, news in a normal market on any particular stock is the most important factor in the price rising or dropping, good news attracts buyers, bad news attracts sellers, the quicker you can pick up on this news or identify a trading pattern the more likely you will be successful in your trading career, obviously it is not that simple and general investing and trading should be taken seriously as in most cases it is easier to lose than it is to win…the markets can be cruel.

Twitter has now become one of the major ways that investors and traders can communicate between each other, it is impossible to keep tabs on all what is going on around the markets in general, such news items from bank rates to oil discovery as examples, by getting news early increases the chances of making a better percentage in any trade; using TWITTER as a way of communicating news flow is becoming ever more popular amongst investors and traders.

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As anyone will confirm who are connected with the investment world that recommendations should always be researched and checked thoroughly, I am not qualified to make recommendations and never do so, I do however tweet some of my choices so that progress can be followed as do other tweeters, it is great way of keeping interested in the stock market and makes using Twitter both interesting and fun.


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